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Your Authentic Voice 20 Minute Throat Chakra Yoga Nidra

Your Authentic Voice 20 Minute Throat Chakra Yoga Nidra

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In this 20 minute Throat Chakra Yoga Nidra, we'll dive into the power of finding the inner, authentic voice from within. This Yoga Nidra welcomes space to create an intention for the way we speak outwardly in the world and the way we speak to ourselves. With a balanced Throat Chakra, your authentic and true voice can shine, welcoming Satya (truth) and conviction into the words you speak and the thoughts you have.

Let the vibrations guide you to a state of inner harmony and authentic expression.

Floating "Chris Collins,"

Guided 20 Minute Yoga Nidra | Female Voice | Soft and Soothing - Light Music

What to Expect:

In a 20-minute guided Yoga Nidra session dedicated to nurturing the throat chakra, prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and expression. As you settle into a comfortable position, close your eyes and allow yourself to relax completely. You will be guided through a series of calming techniques, helping you release tension and quiet the mind while activating the vibrational channels of the voice.

Throughout the practice, you'll be encouraged to focus on your breath, allowing it to flow naturally and deeply. As you breathe, you may notice a sense of openness and ease in the throat area, as if clearing away any blockages or restrictions.

Moments of stillness will punctuate the practice, giving you space to simply be and observe the sensations within your body. With each passing moment, you'll feel more grounded and centered, anchored in the present moment.

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Is Yoga Nidra For Me?

You may be new to practicing meditation or Yoga Nidra or you may have been practicing for some time. I welcome you to have a listen to this 20 minute guided experience and let me know how it resonated for you in the comment section below.

Do I need to have yoga props?

No specific yoga props are required. You may wish to find a comfortable space with comforts such as pillows, blankets and something to cover the eyes to allow your awareness to tune inward. This could be a t-shirt or towel.

Headphones are recommended to tune out external sounds, but that is a personal preference.

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