About Breanna

About Breanna AKA The Lake Hippie 
She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and certified Yoga Nidra Guide with hundreds of hours of practicum and guidance. She is also a FAT Yoga Guide that creates safe spaces for all humans!
All humans are welcome here, unless you are a racist, homophobic, or violate human rights in any way. 
We also believe in intersectionality over here and will support our friends in the BIPOC and LGBTQ2+ communities!
Yoga is Unity and if you aren't down for that, you probably found yourself on the wrong website. 
In each of her experiences, the state of the nervous system is always taken into consideration. Modern civilization and societal constructs have created realities where we are always on, always tuned in and the natural states of our mind and
body can become strangers. 

The practice of Yoga extends well beyond the physical practice and Breanna wants to promote a connection between the mind-body.

She integrates that connection, guiding you into practices that nourish the parasympathetic nervous system, encouraging laughter, play and of course restfulness. 

Her heart-felt practices are designed to nurture the mind, body and spirit. 

She has big dreams to support the community in a bigger way, and in the meantime you can catch her on @mind.your.mindful and check out free content on YouTube