5 Green Adventures

5 Green Adventures

We are all missing travel, am-I-right? 

First off, please ensure you are adhering to local guidelines and restrictions in any areas you are exploring. 

If all of that checks out, here are 5 Green Adventure you can try out:

1) Pack a picnic and head to a National Park or your local Provincial Park - go hiking, do some exploring or check out an area you haven't seen before 

2) Check out The Great Trail - it spans across Canada and has different access points from beginnings to experts in outdoor adventure

3)  Find an outdoor guided tour - there are usually things like Ghost Tours or food/beverage tours throughout major cities and towns 

4) Now that the weather is getting warmer, rent a canoe or kayak and explore a local waterway

5) Geocaching - it is like an adult scavenger hunt that provides insight about the planet, local spots and it can be fun for the whole fam


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It’s Terry from kingfisher. Love that you work with Heather. She has abren here for a wedding. Look forward to showing you our space and working together.

Terry Kloosterman

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