About Breanna Marie

Breanna is a Registered Yoga and Yoga Nidra Guide.

She provides a space to Honour Your Body through workshops, somatic experiences and conversations in community

Slip into her gentle practices where you are welcomed to embrace your inner being through rest, movement and lots of laughter

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Breanna's Guidance

Guest Feedback

"her clarity stillness and gentleness that I felt sincerely. Breanna's presence made me feel safe through the guided practices"

"I appreciate that Breanna has taught us how to accept ourselves as we are and not what society expects us to do. Go beyond and explore and be curious about what is out there."

"You can tell she's very passionate about what she does and it shows, and she is very kind and grounded and it makes you feel calm and relaxed just being in her presence."

Past Retreats

What retreat guests had to say

"The scheduling was so carefully prepared keeping in mind free time and time for reflection, I couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend getaway. My intention was rejuvenation and renewal and I was blessed with both."

"I really appreciated this weekend and it has given me so much clarity and perspective moving forward in my busy life. I am extremely mindful about carving out space for focus and stillness in my yoga practice, my menial tasks, and even just going about the city. Thank you for sharing your practice and your experiences with me!"