About Breanna Marie

Breanna is certified Yoga teacher of Kripalu lineage and Yoga Nidra guide

Advocating for inner love, she provides a space to Honour Your Body through workshops and experiences

Slip into her gentle practices where you are welcomed to embrace your inner child through rest, play & movement with body, mind & spirit

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Breanna's Guidance

"The natural flow and energy, the beautiful heart centred focus"

"I know I always have the power over my yoga experience and what I choose to do but you really put the onus on the student to do what makes them feel good and comfortable. You have a gift!!!!"

Past Retreats

What retreat guests had to say

"...I realized this is not all about yoga but rather an embracing of women and how we are willing to put ourselves out there and open up to each other and feel out pain."

"...held such a beautiful space for us all to feel safe, held and open to connect and trust each other throughout the weekend. It was a magical experience that has my heart buzzing with love and pure joy!"