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The Lake Hippie

10 Minute Spring Intentions Meditation

10 Minute Spring Intentions Meditation

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Welcome, dear friend, to a sanctuary of serenity, where the soft pitter-patter of raindrops whispers tales of renewal and growth. In this gentle 10-minute guided meditation, set against the sounds of nature's embrace, Breanna Marie invites you to cocoon yourself in the comforting embrace of spring's tender showers to welcome seed's of intention for the season ahead.

As you settle into a cozy spot, perhaps with a cup of tea cradled in your hands or close by, let the soothing sound of rain transport you to a place of inner stillness. Close your eyes and feel the weight of the day melt away as you surrender to the rhythm of your breath and beat of the heart

Together, let's nurture the seeds of intention blooming within us, much like the delicate buds unfurling under the gentle touch of spring. What dreams do you wish to cultivate? What intentions do you long to sow in the fertile soil of your soul?

Take a moment to welcome them, allowing them to take root and flourish.

With each inhale, draw in the crisp, revitalizing energy of the season, and with each exhale, release any tension or uncertainty weighing on your heart. Feel the warmth of renewal spreading through every fiber of your being, revitalizing and rejuvenating you from within.

As we journey through this meditation together, may you find solace in the simple beauty of raindrops dancing on the tops of the trees, a gentle reminder of nature's eternal cycle of rebirth and transformation. Let yourself be cradled in the loving arms of stillness, allowing it to envelop you in a sense of peace and tranquility.

So, my dear one, take a deep breath, sink into the present moment, and let the sweet promise of spring's embrace wash over you. Here, in this sacred space, let us welcome the whispers of new beginnings and embrace the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

Guided | Female Voice | Soft and Soothing
Is Meditation for me?
This practice is perfect for someone new to meditation. You may be new to practicing meditation or you may have been practicing for some time. I welcome you to have a listen to this 20 minute guided experience and let me know how it resonated for you in the comment section below.

Do I need to have yoga props?
No specific yoga props are required. You may wish to find a comfortable space with comforts such as pillows, blankets and something to cover the eyes to allow your awareness to tune inward. This could be a t-shirt or towel.

Headphones are recommended to tune out external sounds, but that is a personal preference.

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