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March 8th-10th

Join us for an incredible Winter Wellness Retreat at Rising Spirit in Clarington

What You Can Expect

An all-inclusive experience

  • Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Guided Experiences
  • Breathwork 
  • Workshops 
  • Sauna
  • Massage Chairs 
  • Cold Plunging (optional)
  • Winter Bonfire Ceremonies
  • Home Cooked & Nourishing Meals 
  • Winter Forest Bathing  

Holding Space

"We intend to hold space for a community of people to pause from the day-to-day, step into a cozy winter experiences, embrace themselves, and to dive into nourishing practices of self-care"

Laura and Breanna

Spaces of Comfort

  • "Laura and Breanna are the absolute dream team. They both have such a warm presence and made me feel comfortable instantly. The workshops were meaningful and accessible for all experience levels. They both offer such a wealth of knowledge. They facilitated conversations and reflections that allowed me to go deep. It was the perfect combination of relaxation, playfulness and connection. My experience at the Attuned Renewed Retreat is a memory I will always cherish forever and I cannot wait to attend a future retreat with them!

  • "With the backdrop of beauty, gourmet foods, plenty of free time and well-planned and organized entertainment, top-notch and accessible yoga classes of several genre, the making of a totally natural body scrub, SUP, canoeing, forest bathing, dancing around the fire, splashing in the water and many heart-to-heart conversations, I feel totally attuned and renewed and look forward to another life-altering experience next summer!"

  • "The Attuned & Renewed Retreat was such an incredible experience. The practices were designed with such intention and loving energy. Breanna and Laura are an amazing team who offer so much with their combined gifts and levels of experience. The women who attended were all such stunning souls and Breanna and Laura held such a beautiful space for us all to feel safe, held and open to connect and trust each other throughout the weekend. It was a magical experience that has my heart buzzing with love and pure joy!"

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